Are Your Chiropractor Credit Card Processing Fees Too High?

Chiropractors have to undergo rigorous training to enter their profession. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes, chiropractors must obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree, which takes four years to complete. They also require proper licensing and must pass the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) exam.   Getting [...]

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E-commerce Credit Card Processing: Your Key to Higher Profits

Global e-commerce sales are expected to near $4.1 trillion USD in 2020, making up 14.6% of total retail spending (up from 7.4% in 2015). As an e-commerce business owner, you’re clearly on the right side of the trend. Yet with massive companies like Amazon and Alibaba in the space, competition [...]

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What You Should Know about Credit Card Processing Apps

Spending more than $100,000 to open a store is common, according to retail consultants. But depending on your industry and location, your initial costs could be much, much higher. That’s why it’s important not to overlook credit card processing apps to save as much as possible on your expenses. [...]

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What You Need to Know About Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing

Whether you run an e-commerce store or restaurant, your customers want to pay with a credit card. That’s why it makes sense to offer virtual terminal credit card processing. You may have already done this. You may even accept payments online, over the phone, and via snail mail.  With [...]

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Smarter Online Credit Card Processing Is An Easy Way to Boost Profits

Have you ever considered accepting online credit card processing? If not, you should. You’ve invested a lot as an entrepreneur. You may even put in well more than 40 hours per week, which many entrepreneurs tend to do in the early stages. You certainly don’t want to lose money [...]

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An Easy Way for Any Laser Hair Removal Clinic to Instantly Boost Profits

Running a laser hair removal clinic can be very lucrative. In fact, the hair removal business is already a multibillion-dollar industry. Through 2025, the global laser hair removal market is expected to have a 17% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), according to a MarketWatch report.  The last thing you need [...]

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How High Are Your Acupuncture Practice Credit Card Processing Fees?

You’ve made a big investment to become an acupuncturist. But you never expected to pay all these acupuncture practice credit card processing fees. To become a board-certified acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) practitioner, you have to first complete a 3- or 4-year master’s degree. Then, you must pass a [...]

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How High Are Surgical Practice Credit Card Processing Fees?

According to The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), surgeons report the highest rates of stress of all medical professionals. Not to mention surgeons undergo some of the most rigorous and expensive training. According to the American College of Surgeons, a typical surgery graduate has over $220,000 in debt. The [...]

2019-08-27T20:33:09+00:00July 3rd, 2019|

Are Your Dental Credit Card Processing Fees Too High? (Probably)

Dentists have a lot to juggle on their plates every day, and a lot of bills to pay, too (including dental credit card processing). According to the American Student Dental Association (ASDA), the average dental school graduate in 2017 has over $239,895 in debt, and 30% of graduates have [...]

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How High Are Medical Practice Credit Card Processing Fees?

If you own a medical practice or clinic of any kind—whether you’re a doctor, dentist, or specialist—you need to accept credit card payments. That’s why it’s important to understand medical practice credit card processing. Doctors and healthcare practitioners are professional service providers who process and accept payments differently than [...]

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