Nadapayments Virtual

Take Payments On Your Computer, Phone and Tablet.

A Cloud Based Credit Card
Terminal with Many Features

A great way to accept payments when you don’t need a credit card terminal.

Take payments
over phone

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payment links

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invoice to client

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payment plan

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Offering a Payment Plan is Simple as One Two Three

We do the recurring billing for you so you can run your business.

Keep Your Customers Card On File.

We Take Care Of The Security. Once a card is stored on file you can just click the card and charge the amount the customer owes.

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Need To Send An Invoice?

Nadapayments Virtual Terminal can generate an invoice with a few simple steps. Simply email the invoice to your customer and get paid, faster.

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Generate A Payment Link. No Code Necessary.

Enter the amount you need to collect and the link will generate. Use that link however you like.

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Collect Payments On Your Website

Create A Pay Now button on your website with no development required.