Credit Card Surcharging

A Cost-Saving Solution for Your Medical Practice

Improve Your Practice's Financial Health Without Compromising Patient Satisfaction.

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The Surcharge program

Our surcharge program makes every purchase a win-win for you and your customers.

What is Credit card surcharging?

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Credit card surcharging offers medical practices an effective solution for managing rising processing fees.
By implementing surcharging, your practice can save thousands of dollars annually, allowing you to invest in enhanced patient care and equipment upgrades.

But I don’t want my client to pay extra charge

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Most patients choose to pay with a debit card and don’t pay the surcharge.
This is nothing new and you’ve probably heard of this payment option before if you’ve ever paid a government agency bill or utility bill.
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We’re providing the same technology as medical practices to empower their patients to make the choice of how they’d like to pay.

Keep 100% of your credit card revenue with Nadapayments

0% processing fee

Keep 100% of your credit card revenue.

By eliminating all credit card costs, you get to keep 100% of your revenue every time a customer pays with credit.

Customers can avoid processing fees, too with Nadapayments

Win for Customer

Customers can avoid processing fees, too.

Customers can avoid processing fees by paying with debit card, cash, or check.

No change in how you accept credit cards with Nadapayments

Same workflow

No change in how you accept credit cards.

By eliminating all credit card costs, you get to keep 100% of your revenue every time a customer pays with credit.

Benefits of Credit Card Surcharging

Take home 100% of all your credit card transactions

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Cost Savings

Reduce the financial burden of credit card processing fees. Free up resources for investing in patient care, staff training, and equipment upgrades.

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Ensure patients who choose to pay with credit cards cover their own transaction fees. Avoid subsidising credit card processing costs for all patients.

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Provide patients with multiple payment options, including debit cards, cash, checks. Allow patients to avoid surcharges by choosing to pay with debit card.


Customers Love Nadapayments

A great way to accept payments when you don’t need a credit card terminal.

“We love working with NadaPayments and couldn’t be happier. This was a seamless process for our office and of the vast majority of our patients have been very happy!”

Trish Fox

Enhanced Dental

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“NADA has been the best. Once we put this in place our savings over the year will be close to $12k. Clients have accepted with ease. Best investment we implemented and would recommend NADA to every business owner!”

Eleanor Pena

Park Avenue Dental Medicine

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Frequently ask questions

Are surcharge programs new?

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Not really. Many small businesses in the U.S. have offered lower prices to customers willing to pay with cash for years. With Surcharging your just passing on the cost for accepting a credit card. Your customers always have a choice to pay with a debit card to avoid paying the credit card surcharge.

Is your surcharge program legal?

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It is in 46 states. Surcharge programs require that businesses display a sign informing the customer at the point of sale that there is a 3% fee charged on all credit card transactions which they can avoid by paying with a debit card. We provide this signage for you to display.

I’ve never heard of this before. How does it work?

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Credit card companies charge a fee each time a merchant processes a credit or debit card payment. Traditionally, the business owner pays this fee, not the customer. After signing up with Nadapayments, we’ll give you compliant signage and equipment to accept credit cards at no cost. You pay no fees at all to accept credit cards. If a customer pays with a debit card, our system will charge you a flat fee of 1.5% + 25¢ for each debit card transaction.

Will this reduce my monthly credit card processing bill to “nada”?

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Absolutely. Your daily savings will speak for themselves. Your monthly statement will only contain debit card processing fees.

Will I lose business by making customers pay processing fees?

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Businesses that follow the Nadapayments model have not reported any decline in sales. Customers are simply given more flexibility in their payment options. Cash and debit payments are not subject to any surcharges. If you market it properly, a surcharge program can play an important role in boosting your annual product sales while lowering your expenses.

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