Sell $100, See $100.

Sell $100,
See $100.

Simple, transparent pricing for you and your customers.

Accept Credit card

When customers pay with credit, they’ll cover the processing fee.

With a surcharge program, customers will be fully aware of their options. If they pay with credit card, they’ll pay the processing fee on top.

Accept Debit card

When customers pay with debit, they aren’t charged anything.

In order to stay compliant, a merchant offering a surcharge program cannot charge any fee for debit cards. Our solution automatically detects debit card payments and applies no fee to customers. You will have to pay 1% + $0.25 per debit card transaction.

Take payments...

In Person

Whenever a customer is ready to pay for a purchase, simply remind them that you offer a surcharge program. If they pay with cash, you’re all set. If they want to pay with a card, you can accept credit or debit using our Wi-Fi EMV Quick Chip machine. Credit transactions cost nothing for you. Debit transactions cost 1% + $0.25 per transaction.

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Using our Virtual Terminal works the same way our Counter Top terminal works when you don’t have the card present or don’t need a physical machine – accept payments on the web.

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On The Go

The Nadapayments solution is mobile friendly for on-the-go shoppers, which are quickly growing into the biggest shopping segment. Our best-in-class mobile app makes accepting payments a snap.

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Fair, Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees or fine print here. What you see below is everything, period.


Terminal Rental Cost


✧ FRee access to Nadapayment Virtual Terminal ✧

Why Businesses Choose Nadapayments

Nadapayments processes over $1 billion in transactions annually and serves thousands of large and small businesses across the U.S. just like yours.

Fully compliant in 48 states

While surcharge programs aren’t exactly rocket science, staying legally compliant can be. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Nadapayments serves business in 47 states (excludes CT, and MA sorry!).


Terminal, mobile, and online access

You can charge cards and view your payments in the Nadapayments app dashboard on your new, Wi-Fi-enabled EMV terminal, your smartphone, or your laptop. Welcome to the 21st century.

The whole kit and kaboodle...

Fully Compliant POS Solution.

Get a new, Wi-Fi-enabled EMV Quick Chip terminal with the Nadapayments app pre-installed. Access your payments dashboard online or via the terminal.

Cool New Signage.

We’ll hook you up with the surcharge signage you need to keep your customers informed. You stay compliant while saving a bunch of hard-earned money.

Reams of Receipt Paper.

Because why wouldn’t we give you more receipt paper? It’s the least we can do, really.

Customers Love Nadapayments

A great way to accept payments when you don’t need a credit card terminal.

Surcharging Rules

Surcharge programs have been around for a while now. But because card processing is complicated and surcharge programs have strict rules, most businesses haven’t seriously looked into them.


The merchant must be registered with the major card brands.

We’ll complete the registration for you.


The merchant must inform customers of surcharges on all credit card transactions.

Not only will we send you some spiffy signage, our terminal, mobile app, and virtual terminal automatically displays the surcharge on the receipt.


The credit card fee must not exceed 4% and the merchant cannot profit from the fee.

Our surcharge solution charges customers a 3.5% fee for credit card purchases. You don’t pay a dime of it yourself.


The credit card fee and product or service price must be processed together. The receipt must show the credit card fee as a separate line item.

Our surcharge solution automatically adds the credit card fee as a separate line item on receipts.


The merchant cannot apply a fee to debit cards.

Our surcharge program automatically detects if the card used is a credit card or debit card. If a debit card is used at the time of sale there will be no surcharge added to the transaction.